The history of Evangia is organized by a series of Eras. Each Era begins at a moment of great change, and can last anywhere between centuries to a few days.There are currently three eras; the First Era, the Second Era, and the Third Era.

The First Era Edit

The First Era was a time of strife, struggle, and creation. It was when the gods were first born from the Supreme Infinite. The first race was the fruit of the Ein Soph, or as the common folk call it, the Tree of Infinity. This race, the Ur-Humanoid, was led by other Ur-Humanoids who managed to somehow obtain Divine Spark, giving them faith-based power. The other Ur-Humanoids, who followed these wielders of Divine Spark, were separated and over the generations, they morphed to better suit the environment they were led to. As they followed the "Alpha Humanoids," as scholars refer to them as, the Alpha Humanoids became worshiped, and eventually ascended to godhood.

The Ur-Humanoids who adapted to their environment became the Surface-Humanoids and the Subterranean-Humanoids. They further split into subspecies, and eventually became the races of today.

The Second Era Edit

According to the first written historical documents, a great Human warrior made a deal with a great dragon god, likely Bahamut. While it is unknown what the terms of the deal was, the dragons granted humans the ability to tap into the same mana that the dragons used for their magical breath. It was this magic that allowed the creation of the first Empire, led by the first Dragonborn, who was created from the deal between the Human warrior and the dragon god. Every Dragonborn is a direct descendant of the original, and every Dragonborn is royalty. Every emperor since the creation of the Empire has been a Dragonborn.

Soon after the creation of the first Empire, most gods stopped appearing in person in the world, but the exact cause of this is currently unknown. Gods do, however, still guide the humanoids of the world, and sometimes appear briefly, although it seems to drain much of their power.

The Third Era Edit

The Third Era started with the birth of the triplet birth of the King's sons: Balasar, Nadarr, and Torinn. The three sons have been given reign of a third of Evangia each, although it is common knowledge that they must someday surpass each other and their father to become rightful King.

Each son is loved by the citizens of the Empire. Balasar, the oldest, is known for his proficiency is magic, and has been using it to advance knowledge of the arcane. Nadarr, the middle child, respected for his military might. He has led countless raids into the Badlands. Torinn, the youngest, is the Empire's Sweetheart. He is charming, clever, and adorable. This is objectively true. There are rumors that he has had lovers all over Evangia, although nobody has ever proven or disproven these.