Stalin is a hafling light foot assassin that stands an average size of 2 feet 6 inches and is only 40 pounds. He is a greed and a wealth based character if he can get his hands on something valuable that he thinks could be useful to him in any way or will have a good profit this said item will have a new owner by the name of Stalin... also Stalin does not like being betrayed if a weapon is pulled on him whoever wields that weapon better be ready to have some pain inflicted upon them. Most of the time he will grant a forgiving grace and only knock them out and take about half of their items but on the second time this said person will experience a swift and utter defeat and since the player will no longer have any need for anything Stalin will take just about if not everything. He has planned for encounters like this and made a hopefully everlasting friendship among a few companions that will stand by his side most of the time and he will return the favor of doing the same thing. On a couple occasions Stalin has angered some fellow team mates by "borrowing" (which Stalin truly believes he is doing, he does not steal he borrows with a idea that maybe somewhere down the road it will be returned) some items he has had his eye on. With the money Stalin has acquired he plans on building up and empire with his adventure group. The start of this empire is located on an island called helmdust which he has started building a trading post to help build up the villages economy. With this economy building up he has a great intend to start expanding to other islands and eventually the mainland to build up a great and mighty empire.