Orcs don't have kingdoms or countries in the same way that more civilized races do. Instead, they have tribes and warbands, lead by a Chieftain. The members of a tribe or a warband are usually directly related. Usually, the Chieftain is the father or brother of all other orcs in the group. The chieftain's sons are allowed to marry, but none have the right to breed unless they can kill their father in single combat, passing on to them the title of Chieftain. The unmarried women of the tribe are often traded with other tribes to prevent incest and to establish relationships between tribes. The first wife of the Chieftain is the Forge Mother, who teaches the other orcs how to properly use a forge. The other wives are in charge of raising the children and treating the wounds of injured warriors.

Ironclaw Orcs Edit

The Ironclaw Orcs were led by Gorbad Ironclaw, who was one of the most feared Orc leaders of all time, and lived around the Iron Rock for many years, and their fortunes rose and fell as is the way of the Orc tribes. The chief rival of the Ironclaws was the Broken Tooth tribe - until Gorbad led a surprise attack through the ancient Dwarf tunnels and forcibly deposed the Broken Tooth's chieftain, the notoriously huge and brutal Crusher Zogoth.

The Broken Axe Edit

The Broken Axe was led by Grom the Fat, who was one of the tallest, strongest, and fattest orcs ever.

The Crooked Moons Edit

The Crooken Moons is arguably one of the most powerful Orc tribes in the known world. Skarsnik, their leader, is an outstandingly devious and sneaky individual in a race that typically does not exemplify these traits. Skarsnik's meteoric ascension was supported by the untimely (yet whole explicable) deaths of a long succession of chief ribals. As such, when Ibrit Dungstrangler had an improbable yet terminal encounter with a jug of lamp oil, a nest of cave hornets, and Skarsnik's pet dire wolf, Gobbla, Skarsnik seized control of the tribe. From the day that Skarsnik wrested leadership, the fortunes of the Cursed Moons tribe increased remarkably. In a series of carefully crafted betrayals, Skarsnik subjugated the other orc tribes who had taken up residence in the upper halls of Karak Eight Peaks, an ancient Dwarven Realm now contested by Goblins, Dwarves, and Drow. Skarsnik then turned his gaze to the