​The major political factions are the Mages Guild, the Artisan's Court, the Thieves Guild, the Royal Court, and the Gold Alliance.

In order of age and power, it goes: Royal Court, Mages Guild, Gold Alliance, Thieves Guild, and the Artisan's Court. The Mages Guild and the Royal Court have always had close ties, while the Artisan's Court and the Gold Alliance have similarly been close. The Royal Court and the Gold Alliance both dislike the Thieves Guild, but neither has been able to stamp them out.

The Royal Court Edit

The Royal Court is the King, the Princes, the Royal Guard, and other highly important officials, such as the adviser, the High Chef, and the Royal Minstrel.

The Mages Guild Edit

The Mages Guild is in charge of training, regulating, and studying magic and magic users. All wizards, sorcerers, warlocks, etc. need a Magic License from the Archmage Ador Olesta to practice magic legally. The Mages Guild is primarily located inside the College.

The Gold Alliance Edit

The Gold Alliance is run by Wilac Bolge, and is a group of merchants who are working together to regulate prices and prevent thievery. Many shops are insured by the Gold Alliance. A business could pay a fee every month/year, and depending on the amount they pay, they're insured for an amount of money. For example, the Wizard and Flail, located in Arilenami, is insured for up to 5,000 gp. If 5,000 or fewer gp is stolen from the store in currency or items, the Gold Alliance will pay the merchant back and hire bounty hunters against the thieves.

Thieves Guild Edit

Led by a famous criminal known as Eryn Goodwe, the Thieves Guild is a group of thieves who have agreed to follow a set of rules enforced by the Guild. While most "information" about the Thieves Guild is only rumors, it is generally believed that thieves can't steal from each other, intentionally harm each other, or cause another thief to be arrested. While the location of their headquarters is unknown, the Thieves Guild has the most influence in Berupim and Arilenami.

The Artisans' Court Edit

The Artisans' Court is a union of skilled workers. It is run by a board of five people. These board members are replaced every six months by a vote for new members. The Artisans' Court regulates wages for skilled workers.