​When a crime is commited, a section of the city guard is called in to investigate. Posters are placed around town, asking for witnesses and people who know anything. In severe cases, such as murder, high ranking mages may be called in to cast Speak With Dead on the victim, asking who did it.

Suspects are jailed until their court case, which is judged by a jury of townsfolk and the highest ranking official in town. If they are found guilty with a high percentage of the jury (around 45%) believing they are innocent, they may make an appeal, which has a jury of the highest ranking officials in every town, judged by the king. If there is still no clear decision, the King and the princes will decide on an appropriate punishment if they deem the suspect guilty.

Mages and magical crimes are dealt with separately from the common people. The Mages Guild in Karamec is in charge of apprehending and punishing offenders.

Magical and common prisoners alike are often abused by their keepers, even being used for training and practice. For example, guards in training often use blunt weapons against the prisoners to learn how to detain fleeing criminals. Likewise, mages often practice healing spells, destructive spells, and illusion spells, as long as they don't accidentally kill the inmate.

Petty crimes, such as trespassing, disturbing the peace, and disorderly conduct often result in fines up to 50 gp. Minor crimes, such as thieving, vandalism, and destruction of property, usually lead to hefty fines, compensation to victims, and jail time of up to 25 years.

Major crimes, such as murder, assault, domestic abuse, and high treason, often lead to lifetime jailing, public erasure, and execution.

While mob justice isn't uncommon, it is highly prohibited by the Royal Court. Cities and towns who lynch a suspect without fair trial are often penalized with higher taxes.

The King declares all national laws, and mayors, lords, and nobles create the local laws of their land. National laws always overrule local laws.

While citizens are not allowed to have any weapons besides daggers or hunting gear, adventurers who have paid their fees can own as many weapons as they want, provided they remain sheathed in towns. Mages are not allowed to practice magic in public, unless it is a healing magic or they are assisting the city guard.